Five Sustainability Books Authored by Experts from Different Professions

Sustainability applies to anything in our daily lives and in relation to activities in our homes, our workplace, schools or business and in our travel activities. Adhering to sustainability means making life changes, such as the food we eat, the clothes we buy, the amount of energy we use and similar other changes that will contribute in saving the planet. While the path to sustainability is not as clear if viewed on a much larger scale, numerous experts have written literatures that suggest probable sustainable solutions in addressing the effects of climate change.

Cradle to Cradle

This book by architects William McDonough and Michael Braungart is subtitled as “Remaking the Way We Make Things.” The authors argue that the manufacturing industry could counter environmental degradation by producing only products that would nurture the planet.

Greenovation: Urban Leadership on Climate Change

Author Joan Fitzgerald, a professor of urban and public policy believes that carbon pollution can be turned upside down by applying sustainability principles in redesigning cities. The author emphasises the importance of politicians and engineers working together to reduce more than 70% carbon pollution emitted by their respective cities The book also mentions how sustainability is more than just installing solar panels and growing vegetations in community gardens. City and local officials should step up and create a coordinated and organised effort with city planners and engineers.

Love Earth Now

Environmental lecturer, Cheryl Leutjen’s Love Earth Now, which she sub-captioned as “The Power of Doing One Thing Everyday” is about helping people stop experiencing feelings of despair and helplessness from environmental issues. It reminds the readers that no matter how small a sustainability action is, it still significantly affects the Earth positively.

Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves

Written by Ellen Moyer, the first woman Mayor of Annapolis, which she subtitled as “How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World.” The ebook expounds on how becoming eco-friendly can bring about inner peace and possibly, economic prosperity to everyone in an egalitarian society.

Replenish the Earth

Biologist Wangari Maathai wrote Replenishing the Earth, which delves on the subtopics about :”Spiritual Values for Healing Ourselves and the World.“ Maathai aims to teach people that we first need to make inner changes in order to succeed in changing the world. As opposed to how developers and construction companies alter the physical appearance of locations, what ever chnges they make should not degrade the inner compositions of the earth. Ground protection provider spartan mat believes this is a perfect book to choose and share during group discussions.