The Top 5 Books About DIY Projects, Compact, Manual, and PowerTools

Are you looking for books to teach you all about jigsaw for professional use? Aside from sites like SagenTest, there are many published books today that can teach you all about power tools and even manual tools. These books are something to be thankful for especially for those looking for great resources that are carefully planned and well researched.

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5 good books for the handyman and the DIY enthusiasts.

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The Big Book of Maker Skills by Chris Hackett

Build amazing projects with clever micro-skills, using a step-by-step guide to over 200 skills.

You’ve gathered your tools, materials, and projects with anticipation. But how long do you really need to build something (and how much will it cost)? You’ll learn the answer in this book with 200+ expertly curated guides, tutorials, and projects that can help you develop skills without learning loads of superfluous stuff.

Finally, stop wasting time figuring out what you should learn next. This book has all the answers and is guaranteed to spark creativity! Start building something great!

Woodcarving: Tools, Material & Equipment by Chris Pye

You’ve been struggling to create beautiful wood carvings since you inherited your grandfather’s old tools. With Woodcarving, the time has finally come to start taking pride in your work again.

Tablet- and smartphone-ready, this easy-to-navigate guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to use tools like a pro — from choosing the right tool and putting on the perfect handle, to correcting common carving faults.

You’ve seen videos of other artisans creating masterpieces with their own tools, but know that you can never achieve that level of skill — until now. Let Woodcarving take you from novice to pro in no time!

Traditional Woodworking Handtools: A Manual for the Woodworker by Graham Blackburn

In this DIY guide, expert woodworker Graham Blackburn provides instructions for making the tools you’ll need to create beautiful pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Uncover New Techniques. This book is not just a list of instructions and parts lists, but also a primer on modern woodworking techniques like hand tool sharpening, dovetail joinery, and making dovetails with a router.

This book will help you make hand tools that are better than commercially available versions. You’ll have plenty of time to practice after reading it because it’s mostly easy-to-follow diagrams and easy-to-read text with easy-to-follow illustrations. Whether you’re looking for good quality hand tools for your next project.

Woodcarving: 20 Great Projects for Beginners & Weekend Carvers by The Weekend Crafter, John Hillyer

This practical guide covers everything from choosing the right tools for carving to sanding and finishing your work. The book provides detailed instructions for 20 projects as well as advice on choosing and using carving knives, saws, sanders, and more.

In woodcarving, it’s easy to get stuck or become injured. In this guide, learn how to avoid those issues and keep yourself safe during your project. Learn how to master the basics of woodcarving using this quick guide that is perfect for both beginners and weekend carvers.

Tools: A Tool-by-Tool Guide to Choosing and Using 150 Home Essentials by Steve Dodds

Get all the tools you need! Do you need a tool? Do you know what that tool is or where to find it? This practical guide gives all the information to help you find and use essential power and hand tools, like nail guns, ball valves, electric drills, sanders, angle grinders, wood chisels, hacksaws.

Pick any tool for any job. More than 150 tools in one handy guide. Get more done faster without hurting yourself or your budget. No lengthy decisions are needed because all the information is right here. Easy-to-use tools guide that includes: Cordless drills, circular saws, 3/8-inch drive ratchets, pipe, and more.