How To Write And Publish A Book?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people around the world love to write. Writing is a need. If you feel like writing – don’t stop. But always be prepared that writing and publishing work is a slow process. In this endeavor, the greatest virtue is patience. The journey from the paper/work file to the printer sometimes steals years of work. And after your book sees the light of day – the real harassment is just beginning.

Finding readers, and building a readership, is an effort that not everyone is capable of. For instance, if you want to write a book about gaming ( then you have to find the right people to read your book.

If you like to write, don’t stop dreaming. But make no mistake that your wonderful speech, unique stories, and your love for books will make you a successful writer.


Define the purpose of the book

First of all, ask yourself what is the purpose of the book that you so desperately want to publish. If it will be intended for friends and acquaintances, then you will make your life easier because it will not really matter if you missed a comma or your text is not perfect.

However, if you want to publish professionally, then stock up on patience and a little or a lot of money, because there is no such thing as a free lunch.

There is no good or bad book. For every text, there is an audience. The real challenge in book publishing is finding your readership.

A book about gaming: Is your story worth it?

Create a “stress group” of different people to give you feedback. The evaluation of the author’s ideas is subjective. Any story, even the most clichéd, could be liked. There are thousands of titles on the book market that do not shine with quality but are bestsellers.

A writer’s job is to write distinctively, inspiringly, and persuasively. Sometimes a weaker story can be compensated by the author’s style, but a weak narrative would defeat any idea.

Do not resort to friends and relatives who will surely encourage you. Get a second opinion on the story in your head. If possible, start working with an editor or someone who is up to date with trends.

Trends are important because, after all, the author is not writing for himself, but for the audience. It will be best if the writer succeeds in interweaving his own taste with that of the readers.

Book Publishing Gears

Making information, literature, or content for public, whether it is for free or for sale is a very challenging thing to do. The frustrations, which are already proven, being faced and experienced by publishers are not simple.

It will be difficult to suggest to shift, for example, from publishing sports book to becoming a cook book publisher. It is possible but quite impossible to do in a short period of time. It is like totally changing your interest for the sake of gearing up. This should not be a problem for some who actually have a variety of thoughts and skills, however, this will add up to the frustrations of those who are used to writing the same content from the beginning.

What could be these publishers “heavy tank” that will gear them up in the world of creating contents for everyone?

  1. The suggestion is workable. As publishers, they are also being expected and looked up to be flexible individuals who have wild imaginations and are welcome to exploring a different genre of writing. Gearing up, aside from thinking a different content to write, is also being open to communicating with people who have the same interests.

2. Joining forums will be a big help to even expand your knowledge and learn from your co-publishers of what you must really do and be captivated by their willingness to make a different content not just for their readers but also for self-fulfillment.

3. Never stop learning new things. After absorbing some tips and guide from forums, make a research by yourself. Read others’ works. Watch testimonial videos that will motivate you more to explore and continue publishing.

4. Do not give up. Rest if you must. Then give it a go after. Always go back to your primary objective and always think of your goal and reason why you have started exploring things.