Rea puts her professional writing skills on the line every day as she engages in media relations on behalf of her clients. She’s built lasting relationships with editors and writers at key travel and consumer publications largely on the strength of her writing skills. “At Zimmerman, we have so much respect for the journalists we pitch,” she says.


“That means our writing has to be distinctive, tight, and on point so we don’t waste their time. If our writing isn’t relevant, it will be ignored.” Today, most editors and journalists want pitches via email, according to Rea. “You have to be able to deliver your message clearly and efficiently to get your client noticed,” she says. “Our clients need to be able to see, hear, believe, and trust that we can take their message and ‘brand voice’ and tell their story effectively to the press. And nothing can get lost in translation. At the end of the day, it’s all that matters.”


To ensure that the right messages are conveyed through all media channels, Rea works with a team of social media strategists who write and blog every day for Zimmerman clients. The team works hard to protect the brand voice they have carefully cultivated. She notes, “You can’t lose brand voice, otherwise you end up making it confusing or boring to your audience.”