10 Best Published Books for Architects

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Architecture in the small, larger, or largest, is what the list of books below wants to tell you more about. You can read about the latest trends and redevelopments for old buildings, but also about the most talked-about architects like the architect Groningen and what influence their vision has had on the built-up world.

1. The magic of the 30s house, by Joost Kingma

Ask home seekers what they are looking for and a large part of them will say: a 30s home. This type of housing is extremely popular because of its many authentic details and appearance. Often they are houses that are located in beautiful neighborhoods and have a decent garden. There is a certain wealth in this type of housing and the 30s house is therefore central to this book by Joost Kingma.

2. Tiny House Living; Less house, more life, by Monique van Orden

Tiny houses are indispensable in our society and they are also becoming increasingly popular. It does not have to be about cheaper life, but to be able to live consciously and with less and to get satisfaction from it. Monique van Orden, as chairman of the Tiny House Netherlands foundation, has compiled this book, in which various tiny house builders and owners tell their stories. So you not only read about the manufacture of these small, often mobile houses, but also what it is like to live in one.

3. Lonely Planet Amazing architecture; Discover the most beautiful buildings in the world

Whether you like old buildings or innovative buildings, leave it to Lonely Planet to get a nice collection together. This book takes you to various countries where every building that is put in the spotlight has something unique. Perhaps it will give you the next holiday destination and you will see (some of these) buildings in real life. They can also provide inspiration for the design of your own home. Even a tree house can be enriched with ideas from the book Amazing Architecture.

4. The LEGO Architect, by Tom Alphin

This book by Tom Alphin takes you through the history of architecture in an original way. You will learn about various movements on the basis of buildings built with LEGO bricks. Do you want to get started yourself? Then there are 12 projects that have been explained in clear steps. All you have to do is grab the right LEGO blocks and follow the drawings. Architecture suddenly takes on a completely different dimension.

5. 1001 Must-See Buildings, by Mark Irving

This book has almost 1000 pages and that is mainly due to the beautiful photos of architectural delights that are displayed with an extensive explanation. Mark Irving knows how to inspire not only architects with his collection of buildings because everyone can be fascinated by these ingenious buildings. Let yourself be touched by their simplicity or by their frequent, exotic details.


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6. Forgotten buildings in Utrecht 1850-1940, by Arjan den Boer

With this book, Arjan de Boer succeeds in looking beyond the tourist attractions that are of architectural value. He zooms in on old schools, factories, houses, but also shops and office buildings, for example. You get to see thirty buildings in Utrecht that you would normally just walk past. After you have read the book, you will experience the city in a completely different way during your next visit.

7. Zaha Hadid. Complete Works 1979-Today (2020 Edition), by Philip Jodidio

When this female architect started designing, she quickly became known, but this was not because of the buildings that were actually built. It wasn’t until much later that her special and challenging ideas became reality. Previously, it was even thought that it was impossible to realize her designs. Now Zaha Hadid has won several awards with her revolutionary constructions and in this book, you can see the most talked about.

8. Surf Shacks: An Eclectic Compilation of Surfers’ Homes from Coast to Coast and Overseas, by Indoek

For a surf shack, you do not necessarily have to live on the beach, because even apartments in large cities meet the criteria. What criteria these are and especially what atmosphere a surf shack should radiate, you can read in this book by Indoek. It is not only about the beautiful photos, but also about the stories of the people who live there.

9. Bauhaus; 1919-1933: Reform and Avant-garde, by Magdalena Droste

Bauhaus’ influence extends beyond the buildings that emerged from this movement, as it has also influenced art, technology, textiles, ceramics, and much more. This book, therefore, deals with the fourteen-year period in which the Bauhaus school developed. Be inspired by the ideals of many well-known designers, such as Kandinsky and Van der Rohe.

10. Church buildings; 88 inspiring examples of new use – from apartment to care complex, by Mascha van Damme

When there is no longer a need for the function of a building, do you demolish the building or see if it can be given a different purpose? You can see exactly that in the book Church Buildings, in which various solutions are shown for how the building of a church can be arranged even more. It offers plenty of inspiration for people who do not want to work rigorously with the demolition hammer and municipalities also increasingly see the value of giving an old house of worship a new purpose.