La Morte

Which type of brand voice do they use? Strategic communication takes a consumer-centered approach to messaging. Did you ever notice how Southwest Airlines or Subaru seem to be intensely focused on you as the consumer? As the world’s top communication agencies earn considerable revenues by taking a highly integrated approach to promoting their clients. We discuss this concept further in the public relations and advertising chapters.


As a writer in this setting, you are always telling your organization’s “brand story” across multiple platforms using a variety of methods.  In a decade of work as a journalist, Nathan Crooks has learned a lot about how to report and write the news. His career has taken him across South America, from The Santiago Times in Chile to Bloomberg News in Caracas, Venezuela, where, at age thirty-three, he now serves as bureau chief. Regardless of whether you report the news for a digital media outlet or create advertisements for an agency, you will face the task of writing a news or persuasive piece for your employer or client. Getting started with that writing can present real challenges to your thinking and creative abilities. If you often have trouble getting started with a piece of writing, know that you are not alone. Understand that media professionals use specific strategies to begin and organize their writing.


These strategies must be simple and direct, because professionals face deadlines every day. They don’t have time to sit back and ponder their approaches. You can benefit from their professional experience when you adopt their strategic approaches to carry out your own writing projects. Using strategy to tackle writing enables you to work more effectively and efficiently.