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Since many of the students finished some of their degree work at your university, you have some built-in credibility from the start. You also know that your audience members are likely to view attainment of a college degree as a significant professional achievement and personal milestone, no matter how old they are. This knowledge arms you with powerful background information on which to base your campaign and the pieces you will write for it. The final corner of the triangle encompasses the message.


You’ve actively thought about your situation and audience, and assembled the pieces you need to create an effective message. What will it take to write a piece that meets the unique demands of your situation and audience? Next, we move to the center of the Professional Strategy Triangle, described below. Here, you will learn about the importance of creatively envisioning your final story, getting outside of your comfort zone to actively learn, and refocusing your thinking once more before you begin to write.


Notice that the middle of the Professional Strategy Triangle contains a continuous circle. This illustrates the active thinking process that will help you gather the information you need and determine how situation and audience will drive your message. In preparing to write, professionals undertake an active thinking process.