Concourse 2

At the same time, there is much to celebrate in today’s new media environment and to anticipate in your own potential career. With media industry upheaval has come tremendous new opportunities for change and growth. Many digital media outlets have emerged, such as BuzzFeed or the Huffington Post. Likewise, traditional media operations such as USA Today and NBC News have discovered new life and popularity online.


As a media professional, you have huge volumes of information at your fingertips and can converse with anyone in the world, thanks to the Internet and social media. Digital reporting tools (most of which are now contained in your smartphone) enable you to write, edit, shoot photos and video, and instantaneously share your stories with readers, friends, and audiences from almost any location on the globe. It has never been easier to quickly convey breaking news and be an innovative content creator.


Yet, amid this massive media churn, one thing will never go out of style: the need for skilled, professional writing, produced by people who know how to select interesting topics and tell compelling stories with accuracy and speed. Regardless of the channel, your writing skills will ensure that you have a rewarding career, provided that you take the time to build your skills and learn professional strategies now.