Publishing Industry & Digital Shopping

A change has been taking place in the publishing industry for some time. Circulations and subscriptions to print editions are declining. Digital media are gaining in popularity and importance. Traditional publishing houses have transformed into modern media houses. They are looking for new pillars for their business model in order to make their web offerings profitable.

The classic way is by placing advertisements. However, only very few of the proceeds are enough to keep them in the black. However, most online media still shy away from asking their readers to check out, be it with paid content or a paywall. This is often attributed to the fact that, in the eyes of the online generation. Digital content may cost nothing or significantly less than a print product.

What people overlook is the fact that public opinion has been changing for a long time. They often use online media very intensively and have lost their image as less substantial and less serious offshoots of the print edition. Nobody doubts that quality journalism is not tied to paper.

Turn your readers into Smart Shopper USA customers

For profiling as a digital quality medium, both content and technical factors must be taken into account. From a content perspective, it is crucial to offer exclusive, high-quality content. First and foremost, this means offering added value that clearly sets the content apart from the free competition.

In times of digital change, you must not underestimate the technical perspective.

Develop the journalistic brand for Smart Shopper

For media companies with strong, established brands, the consistent transformation from media brands to branded goods companies with a corresponding product portfolio is a promising opportunity.

At the core of this strategy is the established brand of a journalistic product. Using a clear brand strategy, this media brand is charged with emotional added value and makes it easier for customers to distinguish offers from competing offers. This is a condition for the successful sale of products. Based on this brand development, product extensions can be made around the core product and distributed via e-commerce. Thus, you have to organize your shopping if looking for a promising opportunity online.

Magazines and journals in particular have successfully expanded their business model in this way in recent years and found lucrative sources of income in e-commerce. By means of their reach and positioning, the magazine brands can position themselves as competent curators for special product landscapes that generate lasting interest in these products beyond their own readership.