Tips for Mental Health Billing Practices

For most of the time, running and handling mental health practices and procedures can be disturbing. This happen so when the rates of insurance reimbursement are getting lower while the operations cost increase. The tension intensifies when it comes to mental health billing as loss of revenue and risk of payer analysis would result afterwards the moment it is not handled properly.

It would always been a balancing act to run an own billing service or go after a billing agency and at the same time maintain an ethical relationship with the patient.

Techniques for Reimbursement of Insurance

The following are helpful techniques that may employ in reimbursing the insurance.

1. Maintain a precise documentation

Keeping a good record needs the following documents: patient’s details, precise record of patient’s diagnosis, treatment type, patient’s status, and the length of treatment program.

2. On-time filing

In order to avoid the denial of the insurance claims, it is very essential to submit the claims within the specified period. However, the submission of claims may depend from one insurance provider to another. That’s why it is also essential to verify with each insurance providers that you have contacted. If you want, you may also try to check for any clarifications and assistance.

3. Regularly refurbish patient information

Most of the time, patients have a change of mind and change their insurance policies as soon as they want to. Having this change, they might forget to inform you about it. Verifying the patient’s coverage and eligibility is one best way to avoid claim rejections.

4. Monitor the claims

Monitoring and following-up on a regular intervals should be done once the claims were filed. This will greatly help to resolve any possible problems with the claim prior the time limit exceeded.

5. Train support staff

In case, there are support staffs available in the mental health practice that assist to execute the billing process, make sure that you train them on an appropriate medical codes applicable with each service. Always let them informed about these coding changes as doing so guarantees that up-coding and under-coding may be avoided. This way, you can also help people and earn money at once.