How much it will Cost You to Publish Your Own Book?

These days, there are more modes of advertising that is not entirely dedicated to billboards, TV or radio. Now, people and marketers are using social media as a widely known method for advertising. Marketing agencies, businesses and even book authors use this platform to promote. One method heavily used is TikTok actually. They create short vids with cool and clever effects to amass interested individuals. This is also the same reason why increasing number of authors opt to buy TikTok likes when promoting a book they have just self-published.

When it comes to the publishing cost of a book, the answer to that question will greatly vary. For self-publishers, it is expected for them to spend anywhere in the range of 100 to 2,500 dollars as per costs similar to cover design, editing, formatting, proofreading and the likes.

How much Your Budget should be?

Likewise with other services, you may opt to spend how much you like or choose to be conservative with the spending. Just always remember, it is the quality of your book that will matter the most! As a matter of fact, it is strongly recommended that you invest in yourself.

Look at yourself as if you are a business because as a book author, it is your responsibility to work as one.

On the other hand, there are average costs that you may expect and come across when you are into self-publishing of a book.

Professional Cover Design

Every book will require professional cover and whether you like it or not, people are judging book by its covers. Without investing in a good and attractive cover, yours will most probably fail. The cost for this service may set you back for around 100 to 600 dollars.

Professional Editing

Even if you are the best in the industry, still your book needs unbiased and fresh pair of eyes. This is going to give your book with a different point-of-view than yours which can further improve its quality. But don’t undermine this service as it may cost you 300 to 1,500 dollars.


Good books also require correct formatting for hardback (optional), paperback and even for eBooks. Fortunately, you can buy such service for only 50 to 300 dollars.