Earning Extra Income by Taking Paid Surveys : What You Need to Know

Paid surveys are fast becoming a new source of extra money to people needing a second income. These days, marketing firms formulate promotional srategies based not only on behavior data gleaned from social media analytics. They also take in-person feedback, which the Internet made easier and efficient by way of online surveys.

Not everyone though, is interested in answering survey forms that a website or a business entity puts in front of them during or after an engagement, or completion of an online transaction. Since marketing research teams need to gather actionable and useful feedback as quickly as possible, they resorted to offering compensations to get target consumers who will truthfully answer survey questionnaires.

So if you are one of the many who wants to know if your really can make money taking surveys online, the answer is “Yes!”

Paid Surveys are for Real But Not Really for Big Bucks

You have to understand that marketing researchers use the completed surveys for their statistical analysis, They have to have hundreds, sometimes even thousands of completed surveys, from which they gather sample representations of data they need. Researchers will then measure the values of the data collected from a population of a particular type of consumer.

That being the case, be in the know that not all companies pay big bucks for surveys because they have to keep the cost within budget, and as much as possible, at a minimum. It is also common for some entities to offer payment in the form of freebies, gift coupons or discounts on their products instead of paying cash. Others may even require earning a certain number of points before a paid survey-taker can claim the cash compensation or the rewards in store. . .

The key therefore, to earning big from paid surveys online is by joining websites that broker lucrative arrangements between survey creators and responders. Once you become a member, complete as many surveys offered to you by the paid survey broker, based on your skill sets and qualifications.

Be Smart in Choosing Paid-Survey Platforms You Intend to Join

Since the first step to making money by way of paid surveys is to join a paid survey platform, there are some important points to remember and to checkout before signing up.


First off, legit paid survey platforms offer free membership only. Check if there are conditions or instances during participation as a member that one will be required to pay a certain fee, just to claim a compensation or reward. As brokers, operators of the paid survey platforms, earn by way of commissions and not by collecting membership fees.

Limit your choices to sites that offer only realistic compensations. Read reviews and learn more about the site by visiting its Facebook page. Find out more, by communicating with experienced members who are likely to be followers of the survey site. That way, you will know what and how much to expect.

Avoid or even stay away from paid-survey platforms that entice with “too-good-to-be-true” offers, because in all probability, their offers are false. In most cases, they only want to sign you up in order to get hold of your private information.

Also, keep in mind that some survey platforms cater only to companies in a specific country or countries. If you are planning to join an international site, make sure the survey job you are taking has relevance in the country where you reside.