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As a broadcast or cable news professional, you must be able to write quickly, clearly, and effectively under intense deadline pressure. You must also be able to operate in a highly competitive media environment that often encourages staff members to scoop the competition. Just like print journalists, television journalists also face new writing challenges in today’s converged media environment.


For example, broadcast and cable station websites provide running audience commentary in response to each story, while reporters who write TV, video, and radio stories often post print versions of their stories on their stations’ websites. As a media professional working in a converged newsroom, you will need to learn several styles of writing and be able to switch quickly between them. If you are considering working in public relations, you can anticipate a bright career future. Public relations is a dynamic and fast-growing profession. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts average job growth for public relations through 2024, at around 6 percent per year.


Job growth is predicted to be especially strong in the health care industry. Public relations practitioners work to influence public opinion, manage relationships with key publics, and create favorable publicity for their clients and employers. Work settings can range from agencies and corporations to hospitals, sports teams, school districts, and nonprofit organizations.