Essential Things to Consider before Hiring a Publisher

If you want to write a book for your contents in New York, then it would makes sense to work with established publishers. Whether you are planning to self-publish your book or submit it to a small press, it is essential to review potential publishers meticulously prior to making a decision. Especially today, there are tons of models for publishing and each has their own benefits and drawbacks.

You have to think everything in advance and jot down questions that are in relevance to your book. From there, see which publisher meets your needs and can give provide the solution you most need. The common concerns to be considered are discussed in the next paragraphs…


It is important that you carefully read the contract. And whenever possible, have a lawyer to look over it, particularly if you have specific concerns. Pay attention to advances if there are any, rights, costs and royalties.


In what kind of format you wish your work to be submitted? Could you look for errors prior to the submission of final publication and what if there are changes you want made? At the same time, you need to think of how you want the cover art submitted, author photo and several other pieces of information.


Ask the publisher if POD or Print-on-Demand publishing is available. Indeed, electronic books are awesome but it’s a nice option to have printed option as well.

See if POD is offered even if you’re just purely thinking of eBooks right at the moment.


Inquire if the books will be proofread or edited or if they’ll be printed “as is”. And if does, ask if there will be additional charges for proofreading or editing? If this will be offered though, know who will be the editors and the experience that they have as well.

It should be in your best interest to read some published books by other authors who were published by the publisher. This is going to give you a feeling of the editing skills and quality you’d likely get from their service. So make sure not to miss this part.