Inspiring Camping Books You Should Know

Camping is an exciting activity. It can be a dream come true for some people. However, you can make your next camping trip more thrilling with a few food books. With good inspiration and the right preparation, camping becomes even more cherished.


Why camping makes me happy

In her book “Why Camping Makes Me Happy”, TV presenter Bettina Tietjen tells of her experiences on a camping holiday in a humorous, amusing, and entertaining way. Tietjen, together with her family, has been traveling all over the world in campers for years. She has collected quite a few stories that know how to refresh the camping break or the anticipation of it.

For her, camping is down-to-earth, direct, and easy. On the way, Tietjen can leave everything behind that is not essential. Instead, she encounters closeness to nature, freedom, new languages, ​​and one or the other dream beach.

Yes we camp! The most attractive camping destinations in Europe

In “Yes we camp “you will find a lot of motivation for your upcoming camping destination.

This book is good for traveling especially for campers who like to find out about outdoor activities, pretty places, festivals, events, and markets on the way. With examples from forty trips in Europe, you can plan your next dream trip.

Any person who would rather enjoy a hundred stars in the sky than five on the hotel door has come to the right place with this book. They will be able to make their next tour with “Yes we camp” memorable. A lot of travel destinations and tips in the book are illustrated and make you want to get in and drive off straight away or start dreaming about your next trip.

The big outdoor and camping cookbook

For many travelers when camping, the cuisine is at least as important as the travel destination. Sometimes it’s not so easy to conjure up varied and uncomplicated dishes with the limited possibilities of a camping kitchen that don’t also take half a day to prepare.

With “The big outdoor and camping cookbook”, cooking outdoors and camping is made easy. It provides simple and varied outdoor & camping recipes for an unforgettable camping holiday. Despite the somewhat cumbersome title, this book promises a wide range of tips, recipes, and ideas for your next trip.