If you want to read books online, you will find a wide range of products on the Internet. The Gutenberg project alone currently offers 10,000 works to see online. The offer on the Internet is usually public books, besides that there is a growing offer of free novels by up-and-coming authors on the Internet. In this article we introduce you to the largest and most important pages to read books online.

If you want to read books online today, you will find a wide range of literature on the Internet. You can choose from free books, stories and poems by well-known authors and up-and-coming authors. The novels of famous writers on the net are literature in which the copyrights to the text have already expired. We are talking about so-called public-service texts.

Gutenberg projects

You will find the largest selection of the Gutenberg projects. The project currently offers on its site about 10,000 works by more than 2000 authors. The books can only be read on the screen, a download of the works is not possible. Simply search alphabetically for the author you prefer and with just a few clicks you can read the desired novel or poem. If you prefer to read the books on a reader instead of online, you can purchase the entire collection of the project on a data carrier. The texts are available as HTML and must be converted to an eBook for reading on an eReader with a (free) program.

Small projects with novels

In addition to the large Gutenberg projects, there are a variety of smaller sites on the net where you can read books online. This includes the page Asterisk Land. Here you can choose from more than 5500 works. In addition to novels by Karl May, Franz Kafka or Mark Twain, the site offers legends, fairy tales and encyclopedias. The works can be read on the screen or downloaded as an eBook. Another page with public-service texts is Zeno. There are books by German and international authors to choose from. There are currently 2432 titles as full texts on the page. At Zeno you can only read the works on the screen, a download is not possible. For the smaller literary projects, the number of public works is significantly lower than in the Gutenberg project.

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Download books as eBook

There is a wide range of pages on the Internet to read books online. More and more pages offer to download eBooks. Often, you can download public books in different formats (EPUB, MOBI) without logging in and then read them to your eReader. There are numerous sites on the net that offer current novels as eBooks by well-known authors. It should come as no surprise that these offers are illegal. When you download, you are likely to catch viruses, Trojan horses, or other malware. Some of the illegal sites require registration. Do not give personal information such as e-mail address or your clear name into the wrong hands.

eReader instead of computer or tablet

Today it is no longer necessary to read books on the computer online. eBook readers are now the better alternative. The choice of suitable devices is large. An eReader like Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is available for less than 100 euros. The Paperwhite offers a high-quality display without mirror effects and a text in good print quality. Who wants also gets higher-quality devices. If you’re not a friend of Amazon, you can reach for the tolino. With the alternative of eBook readers, you have access to numerous shops and easily receive any desired eBook.