Maracon Taipassi

In the scenario, your organization’s immediate objectives are to encourage successful passage of legislation allowing gay and lesbian couples to adopt children in the state of Missouri. If you write a forceful and convincing editorial that helps shift public opinion in favor of the legislation, you will have significantly advanced your organization’s policy agenda. The second corner in the triangle refers to the people who read, hear, or see your message. You must be clear about who they are so that you can tailor your message to them. For example, imagine that you work as a public relations staff member at a major state university that is trying to more effectively promote its online courses and degree programs.


You are charged with creating a multimedia campaign to reach out to prospective students and to boost the university’s reputation as a provider of high-quality online education. Initial research reveals that your audience members are largely adult students, parents, working professionals, and military members. They are diverse in terms of their ethnic background; many have completed some college and want to finish their degrees. For the most part, these students are paying their own tuition, and their families are heavily invested in their academic success.