Tips on Becoming a Writer

Do you ever dream to become the next Stephenie Meyer and rewrite The Twilight Saga with a more creative twist? Well, that means you have the writer’s soul in you.

What it takes to be a writer, a better one, you must be equipped with the passion to write and just write. It is going to be a bonus if you love writing, but that doesn’t mean that you have to really love writing. You just need to be optimistic about it.

So let’s start this whole thing with… becoming a writer is not easy at all. It takes hard work to be one. But anyway, becoming one will always be worth the effort. So to make sure that your journey to becoming a writer goes smoothly and right, here are a few tips that should help you out.


How to be a Writer

Keep in mind that no matter how many years a writer had spent in the industry, still no writer is perfect, but every writer can get better.


1 Read great writers


One effective tip is to read novels, books, magazines and every writer you wished to read. This helps in figuring out how they write, how they relay their stories, what are the style of writing they are using and the tone they used to capture the reader’s interests.


2 Write a lot


And while you read a lot it pays also to write more often… this is the career path you want to take so writing a lot, every day, can help you do better. And after that, make sure you read your outputs and evaluate yourself or have someone critique it for you.