Points to Know for Book Publishing

Believe it or not, the process of selecting a publisher made so many authors feel so skeptical about their decision. This actually doesn’t just happen to first-timers but also, even to experienced ones.


Self-Publish or Traditional Publishing

Book publishing market is a lot more confusing than you initially think. For first-timers, what should be known first is understanding that there are two models of publishing and those are:

  1. Self and;
  2. Traditional

Traditional Publishing

For a start, even though the majority of famous authors are recommending newbies publish their own books via traditional publishing, it does not materialize as simply advised. It is due to the reason that more often than not, traditional publishers are not openly accepting first-time authors.

As a result, traditional publishers have the tendency for rejecting more than 90 percent of manuscripts they received and cite reasons whom they only know. On the other hand, this should not discourage new authors from making their dream a reality.


With self-publishing, it is perfect for authors who are determined in materializing their book. Once again, there are numerous self-publishing houses that offer various packages to meet everyone’s needs.

Find Yourself an Agent

Basically, whichever method works for you, go for it. However, if you want to save time finding a publishing house for your book, then it will be ideal to look for an agent. Such agents do pretty much what you expect other agents from other industries do; such as helping you find a heavy duty towing company, a music equipment supplier, and whatnot. Book agents can do everything on your behalf.

With an agent working for you, they will literally do all the work of having to submit your manuscript or proposal, perform follow-ups and negotiate for a deal until an offer comes through. Though remember, nothing comes for free these days. So expect that there’s a fee you have to pay to enjoy all these services. Normally, it comes on a percentage basis of how much the book earned. Oftentimes, the agent is going to take a 15 percent cut from the sales.

It is totally fine to do things on your own if that is the path you want to take but if you like to use your time somewhere more productive, then hiring an agent can be the best path for you.